BackBox offers an easy way to intelligently automate backup, recovery and management of all devices on the network, providing centralized management for more than 160 different network equipment manufacturers.

Firewalls, routers, switches and load balancers currently form the basis of network devices in any enterprise. Each of them plays an important role in the availability and security of the organization's network. The BackBox is designed to ensure that they all continue to work efficiently and effortlessly, optimizing operations to achieve optimal performance.


  • Automatic backup, and one-click recovery.
  • BackBox Backup Verification supports unique five-step authentication to ensure that configuration files can be used for successful recovery.
  • One-click recovery.
  • Task Automation BackBox comes with a set of pre-configured tasks that can change configuration settings on multiple devices at once.
  • Monitoring - Performance, Operations, Security BackBox comes with a predefined set of tasks that can check the health of your systems and maintain the uniformity and consistency of the configuration of your network devices.
  • Access audit. Access control adds the ability of BackBox to connect to remote devices without the need for third-party software.
  • BackBox Network Visualization can provide a dynamic list of network devices that are automatically populated and updated each time a backup task is performed.