Garda technologies

A DAM/DBF class hardware and software package (Database Activity Monitoring/Database Firewall - a system for auditing and blocking network access to databases) to ensure the security of a Database Management System (DBMS) and an independent audit of operations with databases and business applications. It conducts constant monitoring of database accesses and identifies suspicious transactions in real time.

The database guard is designed to protect diverse databases in a single management system:

  • The database guard provides total protection of databases and business applications from a single interface.
  • Multilevel analysis of network traffic reveals uncontrolled databases, vulnerabilities in the DBMS complex and suspicious actions of database users.
  • An intelligent reporting system makes incident investigation simple and fast.

Professional approach to database protection

  • Improving the security level of databases and web applications.
  • Notification of access attempts (failed authorization to databases, access errors).
  • Scanning and detection of DBMS vulnerabilities.
  • Ensuring compliance with the requirements of legislation, industry standards and international agreements (STO BR IBBS, PCI DSS, 152-FZ, 161-FZ, P-1119, 382-P, Basel ll, SOX, etc.).
  • Controlling administrators and privileged users.
  • Storing all database requests and responses for retrospective analysis
  • Behavioral analysis - identification of abnormal and suspicious events in real time.


  • Regular database scanning to detect sensitive information.
  • Intelligent storage for archiving and analyzing requests for any period.
  • Building statistical profiles of all users and detecting anomalies in real time.
  • More than 70 preset templates for detecting incidents.