Imperva is a leading provider of solutions in the field of web application and data protection, whose products protect critical information using cloud and on-premise solutions.

Imperva has a special purpose: to protect business-critical information and web applications from cyber attacks and internal threats.

A large number of large commercial companies and government agencies in the world and in Russia rely on automated, scalable and modern business process-oriented solutions from Imperva, which are aimed at preventing information theft, substitution and data corruption. The list of the company's clients is represented by world-famous brands in banking, healthcare, retail, real estate and finance. For example, among the top 10 Russian banks, five protect their data with Imperva SecureSphere solutions.


  • Full-fledged solutions allow for versatile monitoring and control over the use of all data and business transactions inside the data center, from storage in a database or file server to use by applications.
  • Allows to identify assets and risks, and then protect most valuable information – such as intellectual property, business plans, trade secrets, information about employees and customers, and information that the business creates from day to day.