McAfee ePO

Centralized presentation of information. Managing one integrated console is much easier than working with six separate consoles. McAfee ePO is a truly centralized management platform that allows you to prioritize threat alerts.

McAfee ePO ensures that the security tools ones use interact with coordinated management tools, different sources of threat information, and automated workflows. You will be able to add new features and new sources of information, as well as ensure the interaction of different solutions and built-in security tools, such as Microsoft Windows Defender, to more effectively combat constantly changing threats.


  • The industry-recognized centralized management solution greatly simplifies work thanks to a unique integrated single panel. The solution can be hosted in the cloud or deployed locally.
  • Proactive data collection for practical protection measures allows you to stay ahead of intruders.
  • Automated workflows facilitate administrative tasks and increase efficiency.
  • The open integrated platform allows you to integrate solutions from McAfee and more than 150 third-party developers, providing faster and more accurate incident response.
  • A unified security management system makes it possible to work with most of the devices on the market.
  • Uses and improves the effectiveness of built-in operating systems protection tools, such as Windows Defender.
  • The solution scales, covering hundreds and thousands of devices all the way from the device to the cloud