McAfee TIE

Exchange of information about threats between different security solutions.  McAfee® Threat Intelligence Exchange acts as a reputation assessment agent, allowing the use of adaptive threat detection and response mechanisms. The solution combines local information received from the security tools installed in your organization with global threat information and instantly sends such combined data to all points of your complex security ecosystem, giving all security solutions the opportunity to act on the basis of common information.


  • The adaptive threat protection system reduces the period between the detection of a complex targeted attack and its neutralization from several days, weeks or months to milliseconds.
  • Collective threat information is compiled on the basis of data obtained from global sources, which are supplemented by local threat data.
  • Important threat information is exchanged between endpoint, gateway, network, and data center security solutions in real time.
  • You get the opportunity to make decisions on previously unknown files based on contextual characteristics of endpoints (file, process, and runtime attributes), supplemented by collectively collected threat information.
  • Easy integration thanks to the DXL data exchange layer: combining McAfee and other vendors' solutions into a single system that allows real-time measures based on threat information, makes it possible to reduce the cost of implementing and operating security solutions.