McAfee Web Gateway

The modern Internet gives organizations much more opportunities than before. Modern web technologies allow dynamic interaction with users in real time. But using the Internet today has become more dangerous than before. The degree of sophistication of Internet attacks is growing day by day. McAfee® Web Gateway is a critical security tool that allows  to protect any organization from the latest threats from malware. The advanced approach to security implemented in it, combining a thorough local analysis of intentions and cloud protection based on McAfee Labs technologies, gives organizations the opportunity to significantly reduce the level of risk and provide themselves with secure Internet access.

This web protection tool, which ranks first in terms of malware protection, implements a patented signature-free analysis method using the McAfee Gateway Anti-Malware Engine. The proactive analysis function checks web traffic in real time for the presence of previously unknown malicious content and filters out "zero-day" threats.

By scanning the active content of a web page, emulating and analyzing its behavior and predicting its future actions, McAfee Web Gateway prevents the delivery of zero-day malware to endpoints and thereby contributes to a sharp reduction in the cost of cleaning and restoring systems.


  • In combination with the McAfee antivirus and the global reputation information collection technologies developed at McAfee Labs, it allows to quickly block known malware and known malicious sites.
  • The use of a large number of different technologies gives McAfee Web Gateway the opportunity to provide a higher level of protection, optimizing the security system on a single platform using various and at the same time complementary technologies.