Rapid7 Metasploit

The most popular penetration testing solution in the world and the most effective method of assessing the quality of protection, which allows to assess risks and measures to eliminate them in order to prevent data leaks and other consequences of security breaches of the IT infrastructure.

Rapid7 Metasploit makes it possible to track when existing vulnerabilities turn into risks as various ways of protecting the network are tested. Thanks to Rapid7 Metasploit, IT specialists get a visual idea of which vulnerabilities in the enterprise infrastructure can be used by malicious components in order to focus on the most critical and important risks.

Rapid7 Metasploit simulates an attack on a network and thus identifies its security problems, can integrate with Nexpose - a vulnerability management system - to analyze existing risks, evaluates available methods of protection against attacks and intrusion control tools, and, finally, determines vulnerability to phishing and leaks of confidential data (for example, passwords).