The main scenario of users working in Thycotic Secret Server is connecting to the product server via the web interface and further using the stored secrets (accounts) through special interfaces, browser plug-ins or opening sessions with protected servers, services and network devices using special links via RDP, SSH, Telnet and other protocols. With the help of a plug-in for the Chrome browser and bookmarklets for other browsers (specially formed links added to bookmarks), authorization on websites and safe filling of web forms are supported.


  • Automatic account discovery: local administrators and service accounts
  • Changing passwords on a schedule with the preservation of all dependencies, with checking the operability of each password in the background
  • Monitoring and recording of connection sessions and application usage with a log of entered commands in the command console
  • Launching connections, applications and websites from a single console: RDP, SSH, Telnet, SecureCRT, MS SQL, PowerShell, CMD and user scripts
  • Detailed reporting on user access and activity and automatic notification of certain actions in real time
  • Full control over the access rights of users on the network: an easy-to-manage system for assigning roles and access