It is a modular platform for the protection of privileged accounts and access control, designed to support the entire lifecycle of privileged accounts in organizations, distributed systems and clouds.

This solution provides access control, account and privilege management, as well as monitoring of all actions related to any types of privileged accounts in any applications, platforms and operating systems without exception. It doesn't matter how many computers and servers you have, what level of network solutions and how complex applications are, where they are installed, in one office or several – all this is taken into account in the PAS solution, which is designed for organizations of any scale and any type of activity.

Reliable and stable protection is provided at all levels of the enterprise information system, including such difficult-to-control elements as privileged accounts. The analysis of user behavior and the control of objects in the network make it possible to prevent problems from arising even at the level of their origin.


  • Isolation of the company's IT environment systems from persons who are not given the appropriate access authority.
  • Single sign-on to start sessions without the need to disclose privileged credentials to third parties.
  • Monitoring of connections and actions on administered devices in real time — the ability to view user activity directly in the Password Vault Web Access web console with any client operating system.
  • Continuous recording of user actions performed on managed devices and platforms for subsequent viewing in video format (for graphical sessions) and in text format (for command-line sessions), as well as storing information about keystrokes in SSH sessions and auditing commands and scripts in any databases. One server supports more than 100 simultaneous recording sessions. The materials are stored in a very compressed format.